Zen-Journal: The More Mindful Planning System for Creatives, Business Owners, and Planners

~Zen is a practical experience.

Zen-Journal is the more mindful planning system for pen and paper. Like Zen practice itself, it’s something you experience rather than a physical entity.

It’s a model system for organizing, planning, and documenting your life that contains the following features:

~ a minimum of symbols
~ preallocated pages only in front section
~ no monthly column of dates/days
~ ‘write-it-once’ task tagging for less transfer/migration
~ quarterly look-ahead schedule with task tagging
~  master task spreads for different disciplines (home/work, etc.)
~ mindful review practice for greater clarity
~ ‘day-at-a-time’ work logs

It’s perfect for creatives, students, business owners, and planners of all types.

As the release of Zen-Journal approaches, please consider become a beta-user by filling in the form in the sidebar. In a few weeks, I’ll send you the training manual.


4 Replies to “Zen-Journal: The More Mindful Planning System for Creatives, Business Owners, and Planners”

  1. I have 2 2017 planners sitting right here on my desk. Empty. In my back pack I have a notebook that I have kind of turned into a planner, It’s stuffed with little bits of paper. I’d be thrilled to find something that works for me. To begin with, it has to do is treat Saturday and Sunday like honest to God real days. You have no idea how happy I would be to find a scheduling tool that works for me. Give it your best shot 😉

    1. Hi Cheryl Ann 🙂 Zen-Journal doesn’t have anything that resembles a calendar and it’s works for me. There are smartphones for that function and I know you have one. 😉

  2. Hi Barry

    Nice system!

    What about things planned for a day (i.e. on smartphone calendar). Do they get on the day-at-a-time spread? Or there should be 2 “things” opened in the morning? One – the smartphone calendar; Two- the quarterly spread?

    1. Thanks, Dan! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Ideally, our smartphone is used for storing those items/appointments/events that we might want to keep writing over and over. That’s why I didn’t include a weekly or monthly spread as in other analog systems. I found that keeping my appointments, reminders, and events in my smartphone dramatically cut back on how much I migrated/transferred changing commitments from one day to the next. Maybe I’m just a unusually skilled procrastinator? 🙂 I think you raise a good point; depending on the level of individual schedule complexity, opening both the smartphone calendar and the Quarterly Look-Ahead is a good idea.

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