Zen-Journal: The More Mindful Planning System for Creatives, Business Owners, and Planners

~Zen is a practical experience.

Zen-Journal is the more mindful planning system for pen and paper. Like Zen practice itself, it’s something you experience rather than a physical entity.

It’s a model system for organizing, planning, and documenting your life that contains the following features:

~ a minimum of symbols
~ preallocated pages only in front section
~ no monthly column of dates/days
~ ‘write-it-once’ task tagging for less transfer/migration
~ quarterly look-ahead schedule with task tagging
~  master task spreads for different disciplines (home/work, etc.)
~ mindful review practice for greater clarity
~ ‘day-at-a-time’ work logs

It’s perfect for creatives, students, business owners, and planners of all types.

As the release of Zen-Journal approaches, please consider become a beta-user by filling in the form in the sidebar. In a few weeks, I’ll send you the training manual.