What’s Zen-Journal?

Zen-Journal is an elegant yet simple analog planning system using the notebook of your choice, and a pen or pencil.

It’s a system that can easily dovetail with your mobile devices if desired for scheduling appointments or recurring reminders, while maintaining the sensory experience of pen and paper that lends itself to a more mindful approach to the planning process and to life itself.


Hi, I’m Barry.

As a user of many alternative analog systems over the years, I looked for a system that functioned seamlessly with my values as both a Buddhist and a minimalist.

I couldn’t find one and that’s why I created Zen-Journal, the more mindful planning system for pen & paper.

I also write at BarryMorris.net and TPBuddhist.com.


Why Using One Zen-Journal Will Help You Avoid Split-Brain Syndrome

Split Brain Syndrome (SBS) is both a medical condition and a computer jargon term loosely based on the medical definition. In medicine, the corpus callosum is a fibrous connection between the left and right hemispheres of the human brain. When this nexus between the two hemispheres is cut, as is sometimes performed on patients with …

Zen-Journal’s Simple Format Provides Surprising Depth

My Zen-Journal, currently a LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook, helps me live a life with more intention, less clutter, and more depth. A simple format fits my personality As a Practical Buddhist, I follow the Buddha’s eight-fold path for living. The second aspect of the eight-fold path involves holding the appropriate intention. Intention can be thought of as that …