Working for a ‘Type-A’ Boss Is No Picnic

Type-A’s can be challenging to work for or just be around, especially if your a more sensitive Type B or Type D personality.

Why Is It So Hard Working for a Type A Boss?

In his book, Type A Behavior: Its Diagnosis and Treatment, Meyer Freidman, MD characterized Type A personalities as follows:

  • They’re often short-fused with a competitive drive
  • They operate with a free-floating hostility
  • They’re often high-achieving workaholics
  • They’re highly status-conscious

Like I said…it’s no picnic

What if -in the middle of your workday- you could…

It’s Not Only Possible, But I Can Teach You How


Hi, I’m Barry… I created to offer folks just like you a healthier alternative to thriving at work even if you have to work for a Type A boss.

I write about using mindfulness in the workplace to reduce stress and increase contentment. I also offer private coaching and facilitate on-site mindfulness workshops for support personnel who need tools to work productively alongside their Type A bosses.

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